Do You Use the Four Letter ‘F’ Word?

Leaving your unwanted sexual behaviors behind is going to mean suffering of one kind or another. Otherwise, you’re using the “F” word. Not that “F” word. I’m talking about a cursing of a different kind, and all dressed up like a gift. It’s the curse of being Fine. Ten years ago, during my yearly physical with a brand new physician, my doctor made the comment...

Replay: Bait and Switch

  (Originally posted in March 2012. Enjoy!) It’s a form of fraud. A store offers a great item at a great price, but when you show up, that product is gone and you’re shown something “just as good” but at a higher price. If you recognize the scam, you turn on your heels and leave empty handed. There’s a spiritual version of bait and switch, too. And most people buy it hook, line, and sinker...


The internal struggle against sin is itself reason to hope. It’s evidence of the Master’s work in your heart, a spark of goodness within that wants to grow. But for many who struggle, however hard they try, the spark of good remains just a spark, seemingly ineffective amidst the familiar dark waters of temptation. Can you relate? You want to stop yelling at your kids, but you lost your temper...

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