Finding Christ in a TV Show

I love good theology. I can kind of geek out on it. But it doesn’t move me the same way a good story can, or movie, or song, or piece of art. This is a problem for all of us wanting to grow in Christ, and all of us concerned about Christian formation and transformation in families, churches, and the larger culture. Most evangelical churches rely on teaching to communicate the primary truths of...

Gold for Stones

The good news doesn’t start with people as sinners with whom God is angry. It starts in the beginning. And if we miss this, the good news will fail to be good news. In the beginning, God made man and woman to be the Imago Dei—the image of God on the earth. By God’s design, all of creation recognized them with joyful awe. They were the ones the Creator had joyfully made like Himself. Or as John...

Ashamed and Shameless

Without a sense of how to become free from shame, we’re living in a culture settling for shamelessness instead. It’s a poor substitute. To be shame-free means shame no longer has any hold on you—it doesn’t interfere with how you hear others, doesn’t muddy your relationships, doesn’t challenge the decisions you need to make, doesn’t shape the way you perceive yourself, and doesn’t influence how...

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