Grief, and Letting Go of Sin.

Imagine for a moment you know someone whose loved one died a sudden death. When your friend got the news, she didn’t shed a tear. In fact, she acted like everything was fine. She also didn’t go to the funeral, and she never so much as whispered a “goodbye” to her loved one. If this were a real friend of yours, you’d assume she was in denial and you’d wonder how long until she’d break down. Though...

Ms. Grumpy and Me

All I did was ask for half caff. Our waitress glanced toward the kitchen miserably, like I’d just added an hour’s worth of work to her day. I looked around at the spattering of others in the restaurant (hardly a rush); then, when she walked away, I leaned across the table and whispered to my friend, “She’s a grump.” Maybe. But this was also an opportunity for me, and I missed it. Two days later I...

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