There is a serious challenge facing Christians who struggle with same-sex attractions or gender confusion in our day. Whether or not these are issues for you personally, for the sake of our brothers and sisters who do, read on. A few years ago, I read an article about a man I know who left his gay identity and gay relationships because of his Christian convictions. The article outlined how he got...

Choosing Spaciousness Over Addictions This Christmas


Join Josh and Kit this week as they discuss how old habits, addictions and compulsive behaviors can rear up this time of year, and what we can do to handle them differently this Christmas season. Highlights: …there is a reason we need a savior… …it’s going to require some intentionality… …practice God’s presence as you go… Mentions: John 15RescueCoaching Click for Full Podcast Transcription Josh...

Can I Really Overcome a Sexual Addiction?


Join Josh and Kit this week and they unpack getting after what we tend to think about freedom, sobriety. Highlights: …there is a tension between freedom and process… …trust that God knows the order of things… …He loves freedom in our lives, we were made for that, it’s in our DNA… Resources: You Can Change (And You’re a Rubik’s Cube) Click for Full Podcast Transcription Josh 0:04When people truly...

Navigating Porn Addiction as a Couple


Join Josh and Kit as they discuss recovery and the hard work that must be done, and what that looks like within a marriage. Navigating Porn Addiction is hard work alone, let alone as a couple Highlights: …I think it’s in the heart of the man to be a hero for his wife, his kids… ..the addiction doesn’t go away from Tuesday, to Tuesday, how are you checking in in-between… …what you are doing...

Podcast: Your Questions about Same-Sex Attractions


Episode 74 – Your Questions about Same-Sex Attractions Join Josh and Kit as they speak with Kyle Bowman in response to an email we got from a listener about same-sex attractions. Highlights: children are the biggest recorders of information but the poorest interpreters what does change actually mean?.. Focus on the Healer, not the healing Guests: Kyle Bowman Mentioned: Unwanted by Jay...

The Healing Power of Confession


Confession is an amazing gift given to us by God, particularly because of the healing we experience through it. We’re especially blessed by the simplicity of confession: just come to Jesus and tell Him what you’ve done. Don’t try to minimize the sin by explaining it or excusing it. You don’t need to give God a reason to forgive you. Forgiveness was His idea, not yours. “If we confess our sins, He...

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