Choosing Spaciousness Over Addictions This Christmas

Join Josh and Kit this week as they discuss how old habits, addictions and compulsive behaviors can rear up this time of year, and what we can do to handle them differently this Christmas season. Highlights: …there is a reason we need a savior… …it’s going to require some intentionality… …practice God’s presence as you go… Mentions: John 15RescueCoaching Click for Full Podcast Transcription Josh...

What Do You Expect?

Why do so many people struggle more during the holidays? Loneliness, depression, family arguments, increased temptations, you name it—this time of year  can be downright tough. But half the challenge around the holidays has less to do with our circumstances and more to do with our expectations. Expectations are TNT to holiday peace and joy. And they come at us from every direction: Advertisers...

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