Five Tips for Parents of Digital Natives

“Hi Daddy, it’s me.” My daughter had been saving all summer for a new iPod Touch. Those four words were her way of letting me know she’d gotten it. Just four words, but I could see her standing in the Apple store, smiling ear to ear with excitement. When she got home, she spent the evening updating her contacts, syncing music, and installing apps recommended by her older sister. I know a good bit...


The word 'screen' used to denote a partition. Today it's where we search for two of our heart's deepest needs.

More than a Lovely Fraction

Two of our most basic, human needs are this: to be known and to be loved. But something’s got many of us convinced you can’t have both. So we expend lots of energy hiding those parts of ourselves that are unlovely. And we work really hard to succeed (at business, parenting, athleticism, ministry, Bible study, you name it) because we think it will make us lovely and so, worthy of love. The sad...

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