More than a Lovely Fraction


Two of our most basic, human needs are this: to be known and to be loved. But something’s got many of us convinced you can’t have both. So we expend lots of energy hiding those parts of ourselves that are unlovely. And we work really hard to succeed (at business, parenting, athleticism, ministry, Bible study, you name it) because we think it will make us lovely and so, worthy of love. The sad...

Chucking Megaphones


I’m guessing you’ve seen this before: A young kid shouting or singing through a cardboard paper-towel roll, projecting his voice through the house, when the inevitable happens. He slips over to his little sister, holds the make-shift megaphone to her ear, and, just for fun, yells at the top of his lungs. Sister cries, mom or dad rushes in, paper-towel roll goes in the garbage. In our individual...

Objectifying Subjectivity


These last two years have been emotionally quite challenging for me. This was especially so this past March when, as the result of a violent auto accident, my mom died and my father developed dementia due to a lack of oxygen to his brain. As painful as this has been for me, my parents’ accident is just one example of emotional difficulty I’ve experienced this past year. It seems I have been...

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