Holding onto Hope


In the latest episode of Becoming Whole, we explore the topic of hope, specifically in the context of our journeys toward sexual integrity and wholeness. We dive into the importance of anchoring our hope in Christ and His kingdom, rather than in our own efforts or the actions of others. Josh shares his personal experiences and the challenges he faced on his journey away from habitual sexual sin...

What Only Hunger Can Do


Are you satisfied yet? When I look around my home, my office, my schedule, my life, I see evidence everywhere that I am not. My fridge is full. So are my cabinets. My closet has items I haven’t worn in a year. I have stacks of books in my office—must-reads as well as a whole shelf marked “skim.” Too often, my calendar feels like I’m playing Tetris. Then there’s my phone: that dinging, buzzing...

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