Podcast: Singleness and the Church


Josh, Kyle, and Bob continue our series on Singleness with a sober conversation on the church’s view of singleness. Without shaming ‘matchmakers’, they seek a balanced position, acknowledging that some singles are called to marriage and that some are called to singleness. They also talk about the ways that the Church often idolizes marriage. Overall, they discuss that becoming married does not...

Singleness and Dealing with Loneliness


Josh, Kyle, and Bob continue our series on Singleness by diving into identity and the way single people see themselves. They encourage singles to dive into faulty views that aren’t from God about identity, especially in the reality of loneliness. Singles to seek out Jesus and others and allow God to work in the ache of loneliness without wallowing in it. Click for Full Podcast Transcription Josh...

As Is


Christians who want to do right can be too quick to criticize themselves. And in so doing, they can work against the change want most.

What Do You Expect?


Why do so many people struggle more during the holidays? Loneliness, depression, family arguments, increased temptations, you name it—this time of year  can be downright tough. But half the challenge around the holidays has less to do with our circumstances and more to do with our expectations. Expectations are TNT to holiday peace and joy. And they come at us from every direction: Advertisers...

Table for One


Loneliness is rampant. And people everywhere point to this loneliness as reason to reject or rewrite Christianity’s teachings on marriage, sex, and gender.

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