Grief, and Letting Go of Sin.

Imagine for a moment you know someone whose loved one died a sudden death. When your friend got the news, she didn’t shed a tear. In fact, she acted like everything was fine. She also didn’t go to the funeral, and she never so much as whispered a “goodbye” to her loved one. If this were a real friend of yours, you’d assume she was in denial and you’d wonder how long until she’d break down. Though...

Christmas Is Over And I’m Blogging About It

Monday morning we roused four kids from their beds and scuttled them out the door back to the toil, crowdedness, and humdrum of school life. There was more than just a little whining. I get it. The flip of the calendar from December to January always feels like a harsh turn to me. After being carried in the warm womb of the Christmas season—together, hopeful, expectant, and childlike—January...

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