There is a serious challenge facing Christians who struggle with same-sex attractions or gender confusion in our day. Whether or not these are issues for you personally, for the sake of our brothers and sisters who do, read on. A few years ago, I read an article about a man I know who left his gay identity and gay relationships because of his Christian convictions. The article outlined how he got...

Increase Motivation with Just One Word


In your pursuit of change, how’s your motivation level?   For many who are trying unsuccessfully to leave unwanted sexual behaviors, low motivation is a significant problem. So how can you increase how motivated you are?   With just one word.   To discover if this one word can help you, you first need to ask yourself why you’re trying to change.   Why are you...

Can I Love Without Compromising Truth?


When it comes to what’s most important, Jesus was clear: Love God with all your being and love your neighbor as yourself (Mt. 22:36-40). In order to love our neighbors these days, a lot of Christians are feeling like they have to lay down what Christianity teaches about sexuality—ideas like there are only two genders, marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman, marriage should last...

Courage to Love


People aren’t created to lust. But many people do. Most Christians I know who struggle with lust have one of two responses: They give in to temptation or they run away. Given the option between the two, running away is better. But running away from temptation isn’t our goal. At least not if we want to become like Jesus. If we want to become like Jesus, our goal should be to no longer see people...

In Love with Falling in Love


True confession: I’m a sap when it comes to love stories, and I admit I love a happily ever after ending. Falling in love can be magnificent. It can awaken our senses to beauty. Suddenly, we notice the twittering of birds, the colors in the sky, the quiet creaking of trees, or the quirky sense of humor of that difficult coworker. Falling in love stirs desire in us. It draws us like a magnet...

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