Podcast: Bored and Tempted

Bored and Tempted. Join Josh and Kit as they discuss boredom and temptation, and all of the practical ways we can go to something meaningful in those times. Highlights: …why does boredom turn into “I need to be stimulated, distracted, aroused, as opposed to rest or this thing I want to accomplish?”… …I feel more alive than I have in years because it’s hard… Click for Full Podcast Transcription...

Podcast: Sexual Sin Is a Squatter

Episode 69 – Sexual Sin Is a Squatter Join Josh and Kit as they discuss Connection, Power, and Meaning and how we go to sexual sin (and others) when our truest needs aren’t met. Highlights: I think one of the areas that’s neglected for a lot of people has to do with emptiness. there’s been research that shows the older a man gets actually the fewer and fewer friendships...

You’re Not Digital

Think back over your life in the past three months. What were your most meaningful moments? With the possible exception of a Skype or Face Time call with a far-away loved one, I’m guessing those moments weren’t in front of a screen. And yet, as Americans we’re spending more and more time plugged into electronic media. So are our kids. What are we looking for? Our eyes peer intently at screens as...

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