Increase Motivation with Just One Word

In your pursuit of change, how’s your motivation level?   For many who are trying unsuccessfully to leave unwanted sexual behaviors, low motivation is a significant problem. So how can you increase how motivated you are?   With just one word.   To discover if this one word can help you, you first need to ask yourself why you’re trying to change.   Why are you...

Replay: Bait and Switch

  (Originally posted in March 2012. Enjoy!) It’s a form of fraud. A store offers a great item at a great price, but when you show up, that product is gone and you’re shown something “just as good” but at a higher price. If you recognize the scam, you turn on your heels and leave empty handed. There’s a spiritual version of bait and switch, too. And most people buy it hook, line, and sinker...

Out from the Bunker

When something bad happens to other people, I’ve noticed an internal knee-jerk reaction: I try to assure myself that what’s happening to them can’t happen to me. He’s older and eats worse than I do. My marriage is stronger than that. My kids know not to talk to strangers. There aren’t volcanoes/sharks/warlords/super villains in my neighborhood. Whatever the thought (and notice, some may in fact...

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