Choosing Spaciousness Over Addictions This Christmas

Join Josh and Kit this week as they discuss how old habits, addictions and compulsive behaviors can rear up this time of year, and what we can do to handle them differently this Christmas season. Highlights: …there is a reason we need a savior… …it’s going to require some intentionality… …practice God’s presence as you go… Mentions: John 15RescueCoaching Click for Full Podcast Transcription Josh...

Grief, and Letting Go of Sin.

Imagine for a moment you know someone whose loved one died a sudden death. When your friend got the news, she didn’t shed a tear. In fact, she acted like everything was fine. She also didn’t go to the funeral, and she never so much as whispered a “goodbye” to her loved one. If this were a real friend of yours, you’d assume she was in denial and you’d wonder how long until she’d break down. Though...


There’s no ‘if’ about it. Temptations come. Wouldn’t we fare better in our responses if we knew when temptations were on the way? We can know—at least a lot more frequently than most people typically think. Usually, temptations come when we’re experiencing some kind of pain or discomfort, whether emotional or physical, intense or subtle. Why? Because temptation offers to medicate pain or help you...

Out from the Bunker

When something bad happens to other people, I’ve noticed an internal knee-jerk reaction: I try to assure myself that what’s happening to them can’t happen to me. He’s older and eats worse than I do. My marriage is stronger than that. My kids know not to talk to strangers. There aren’t volcanoes/sharks/warlords/super villains in my neighborhood. Whatever the thought (and notice, some may in fact...


We’re not too comfortable, it seems, with being real—particularly about the most painful, or sinful, or out-of-control parts of our lives. What if we were?

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