same-sex attraction


What Does the Bible Say about Same-sex Unions?

In the past decade, a growing number of Christians have been coming to the conclusion that the Bible either affirms same-sex unions or that it is unclear on the matter. Are they right? As well-meaning as they may be, no they’re not. Have you ever been watching a really intense, complex movie when, somewhere in the middle, a friend walks in, sees you’re watching something, and sits down next to...

As Is

Christians who want to do right can be too quick to criticize themselves. And in so doing, they can work against the change want most.

More than a Lovely Fraction

Two of our most basic, human needs are this: to be known and to be loved. But something’s got many of us convinced you can’t have both. So we expend lots of energy hiding those parts of ourselves that are unlovely. And we work really hard to succeed (at business, parenting, athleticism, ministry, Bible study, you name it) because we think it will make us lovely and so, worthy of love. The sad...

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