This time of year can have an inebriating effect on me. I don’t at all mean inebriating in the good sense of the word. Not the exhilarating, coming back alive sense that so many seem to experience as Christmas approaches. For me, it’s like my senses start to dull and the season turns into more of a slumber than a celebration. It’s not because I dislike Christmas. (Heck, I see Christmas...

Wait Quickly

I eat too fast. Drive too fast. Work too much. And expect too much of movies. I partly think it’s because deep inside I struggle to trust there will be enough for me. And so I grasp to make sure there is. This was also why I ran so hard for so many years after pornography and other illicit sexual connections. So it is with all of us every time we say ‘no’ to God and His Word and ‘yes’ to sinful...

Table for One

Loneliness is rampant. And people everywhere point to this loneliness as reason to reject or rewrite Christianity’s teachings on marriage, sex, and gender.

Pure What?

Before I came to Regeneration, my accountability partners and I regularly talked about pursuing purity. Interestingly, though, none of us ever asked what exactly we meant. What I was after was a complete absence of sexual sin. That was my definition of purity. I’d say something very different today. (As a matter of fact, I’m about to.) Purity is not primarily about an absence of something sinful...

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