Table for One

Loneliness is rampant. And people everywhere point to this loneliness as reason to reject or rewrite Christianity’s teachings on marriage, sex, and gender.

Body Required

Love is not true love apart from the body. This doesn’t align with the Western way we talk about love. For us, we can view our bodies as an optional part of love. As though the sentiment or the idea of love is adequate. Not so with Jesus. True love requires that our bodies be involved, that we get up out of our armchairs and be about the business of actively loving, as a verb. When my kids want...

God Doesn’t Want to Use You

If this sounds disappointing or discouraging to you, pause for a moment and consider this question: Do you think God wants you to use him? The desire to be used by God sounds good on the surface. Noble even. But it’s not what He’s after. This is good news because at our core, we don’t want to be used. We want to be loved. We want our work to matter to someone because we matter to them. We want...

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