Sorry, Eyes

A pen is designed to write. A book to be read. A violin to play music. A pen can also punch a hole in a watermelon. A book can work as a decent footstool. And in a pinch, a violin would make fine kindling. Likewise, eyes can lust. But they’re not designed to. If you struggle with lust, you need to know this. Your eyes aren’t the problem. Christ came to condemn sin in your eyes, not to condemn...

Bargain Hunting

If you could be anywhere in the world to see something that reminded you of God’s beauty, where would that be? The Atlantic at sunrise? The Rocky Mountains when the Aspens are golden? The edge of the Grand Canyon? The Reflection Pond in Denali National Park? Or how about the grocery store line where the woman in front of you is fumbling through an overstuffed purse to find her 50¢ off...

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