Podcast: An Interview with Drew Berryessa

Join Josh as he speaks with Drew Berryessa about his journey through SSA into freedom and healing. Highlights: when I finally confessed, my struggles, my sin, my failure… ..there was no opportunity to talk about my struggle without feeling condemned and those are both schemes of the enemy, to isolate us from God and his people and all of God’s provision… Guests: Drew Berryessa Mentions: Are We...

Giving Small Yesses

When battling sin or addiction, especially sexual sin, we often feel the pressure to change everything all at once. We have to completely give up that particular sin and rededicate our lives to Christ; if we falter and sin again, we think we’ve failed and are back at square one. We forget Jesus’s gentleness in wooing people to himself and replace it with our own harshness. This makes our failures...

Grief, and Letting Go of Sin.

Imagine for a moment you know someone whose loved one died a sudden death. When your friend got the news, she didn’t shed a tear. In fact, she acted like everything was fine. She also didn’t go to the funeral, and she never so much as whispered a “goodbye” to her loved one. If this were a real friend of yours, you’d assume she was in denial and you’d wonder how long until she’d break down. Though...

Courage to Say

If you watch how my wife and I respond when our kids fess up to something they did wrong, you might think we just watched them hit a home run. God's this way, too. Here's why.

Plot Twist 2: Flesh

Sin doesn’t grant you permission to do what you want. It gives you no option but to do what it wants. And worse yet, to believe the want has come from you.

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