Podcast: An Interview with Drew Berryessa

Join Josh as he speaks with Drew Berryessa about his journey through SSA into freedom and healing. Highlights: when I finally confessed, my struggles, my sin, my failure… ..there was no opportunity to talk about my struggle without feeling condemned and those are both schemes of the enemy, to isolate us from God and his people and all of God’s provision… Guests: Drew Berryessa Mentions: Are We...

Podcast: Your Questions about Same-Sex Attractions

Episode 74 – Your Questions about Same-Sex Attractions Join Josh and Kit as they speak with Kyle Bowman in response to an email we got from a listener about same-sex attractions. Highlights: children are the biggest recorders of information but the poorest interpreters what does change actually mean?.. Focus on the Healer, not the healing Guests: Kyle Bowman Mentioned: Unwanted by Jay...

What Does the Bible Say about Same-sex Unions?

In the past decade, a growing number of Christians have been coming to the conclusion that the Bible either affirms same-sex unions or that it is unclear on the matter. Are they right? As well-meaning as they may be, no they’re not. Have you ever been watching a really intense, complex movie when, somewhere in the middle, a friend walks in, sees you’re watching something, and sits down next to...

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