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Not all of us carry a business card in a wallet or wear a nametag on our shirt. But every one of us carries one or more titles that shape our lives.

Some are clearly negative: Failure, Ugly, Coward, Fag, Unwanted, Unloved.

Others may sound pretty good: College Grad, Pastor, Leader, Successful, Sexy.

Whatever the titles you carry, they have power.

Just like other agreements we make, a title impacts your feelings, behavior, relationships, and ultimately your life. And this is true whether the titles you carry are displayed on your chest or hidden in your gut. When they’re from God, this is a good thing; when they’re not, it can be a problem.

This is why Scripture’s full of examples of God going after names and titles. (Think Abraham, Gideon, Peter, James and John, and Mary.) God knows titles have power.

I can’t stress how huge this is. Men and women arrive at Regeneration’s door wearing all manner of invisible titles: Pervert, Victim, Unloved, Abused, Gay, Gay Christian, Gay Celibate Christian, Sex Addict, Damaged Goods, Adulterer, Adulteress, and more.

We invite those who are willing to come as they are to Jesus, to give His Spirit room to reveal the titles He wants them to lay down, and to reveal to them who they really are.

At times, the Holy Spirit reveals that a seemingly benign or even honorable title is actually holding a person back from a better identity Jesus has for them (e.g. Philippians 3:4 – 11).

Take some time with Jesus and ask Him this question:

Do I carry any faulty title on my chest or in my gut?

Whatever arises in reply, let it come. Jesus exposes not to bind but to free us from all that hinders us.

Then in prayer see yourself taking whatever faulty title He’s exposed and nailing it to His Cross.

Then wait, and ask, and wait some more if you must. He has a new title for you. A new name.

Let Him tell it to you. When you hear it, do something daring: receive it.

I’d love to hear from you: There are several titles I’ve listed in this post (e.g. Sexy, Gay Christian, Gay Celibate Christian, Sex Addict) that many Christians in our culture accept and use. Over the years, our ministry team has found titles like these can hinder people. What do you think? I’d especially love to hear from any of you who have or do use any of these to describe yourself.

In Christ,

Thanks For Reading.

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  • I paitently wait and pray for God’s new title for me. I believe I’ve given up my titles from the past. Titles that the world gave me. They all were like bad fitting clothing that you can’t stand to wear. Thank you for this message.

  • A few years back, I could not stop thinking about the abuse of my past. My mind swirled with accusing labels: “I am ugly, ugly, ugly” and “I am dirty, dirty, dirty.” At a prayer meeting, a godly woman prayed with me for more inner healing. Although I had not told her of my self-hating thoughts, the first thing she said was “You are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful” and then “you are holy, holy, holy…” It was God’s truth and with tears of relief, I believed it. The next week, I must have been glowing. A few people told me I looked beautiful and others asked me what I had done b/c I looked better. So grateful!

  • I had a traumatic home life as a child so all I did, every day of elementary school, was sit at my desk and cry. I couldn’t focus on what the teacher was saying so I was labeled as “learning disabled,” “slow/stupid” and I was placed in a class for kids with special needs. Too bad they didn’t look deeper into what was going on in my home.
    When I came to Regen 6 months ago, Jesus gave me this Scripture from Jeremiah 31:3 – “I have loved you with an everlasting love. I have drawn you with loving-kindness. I WILL BUILD YOU UP AGAIN AND YOU WILL BE REBUILT.” I asked, “Jesus, who do YOU say I am?” He responded, “You are a beloved daughter of the Most High God!” I responded, “Thank U, Jesus, I like Your titles better.” 🙂

  • I think the title that I wear too much is the one I get from being in the ministry. Because of that I do not have an unhealthy title that I hang on to that I am aware of.

  • Always get a lot out of your posts. Keep em coming. I love listening to Christian music and saw Matthew West this year at Creation Northeast. He has a song out called Child of the one true King. He showed a clip of the story behind that song and several other clips that gave inspiration for some of his other songs as well. Would encourage anyone to pick up that CD and the DVD that has those stories on it. We do accept lots of “nametags” that describe us but the one we need to focus on is Child of the One True King.

By Josh Glaser

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