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I felt so incredibly broken and hopeless, I just needed to know that there was another human being on this planet who knew what I was experiencing; and was clinging to Jesus in a way that could and would move my curtain to shine the Light on my heart to uncover the roots of the pain that even I was too afraid to touch. Engaging in lesbian relationships for years and years was my identity, but it had never worked. Not permanently anyway. In the first email I sent I was so desperate my heart cried “please, in the Name of Jesus, help me!” This was how I was introduced to the internal healing power of Jesus through the ministry of Regeneration.

Thank you for your generous gift to Regen. Your gift has allowed me to connect with christian coaches who have helped to restore my life, my family, marriage and my relationship with God. I thank you and may God bless you.

I am so grateful for your investment in this crucial ministry that helps men gain freedom from such a destructive behavior. Your generosity makes it possible for men to freely and seriously commit to their recovery without the fear or hesitancy that may be impeding them due to financial limitations. This will benefit not only themselves but also their families and everyone who is involved in their lives, since this issue affects so many people in addition to the one who is struggling. Your contribution to this ministry is a contribution to the health of the Church and society as a whole, in addition to the health of individual persons and their souls. Thank you so much.

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