The Integrity of Sex


Sex is more than an act. It’s more than a bandaid, more than a habit, more than an excuse. 

Consider this – one of your deepest needs and desires is to be fully seen, fully known, and fully loved. 

A bandaid or habit can’t fulfill that kind of need. There is more to sex.  In this episode, we’ll hear how to appreciate God’s design for the relational dynamic sex offers a husband and wife.  

As you’re doing the work towards sexual integrity, it’s important to also understand the integrity of sex.


We tend to treat sex as a separate entity. God’s heart for sex is that it is part of a relationship between husband and wife.

Through sex, husbands and wives can give themselves as a self-gift for the good of the other.

One of our deepest needs, one of our deepest desires is to be seen; to be completely seen and completely loved.


• Instead of seeking to feel good, can you seek to have really great connection with your wife or with your husband?

• Try asking your spouse these questions and then let them ask you:
When we are together physical, do you feel seen by me?
Are there parts of you that are hard to bring to our intimacy?

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