Want More Pleasure?


We live in a world that pursues pleasure endlessly. But pleasure is elusive.

When we experience a great vacation, a fantastic meal, a powerful church service, or a meaningful time with friends, we say, “We’ve got to do that again!”

But when we try to repeat it, we find it just wasn’t quite the same. Occasionally it comes close, and sometimes it’s even better, but often, if we’re honest, we’re disappointed.


This is a fantastic video by Louie Schwartzberg. Enjoy!

We can’t control or corral pleasure. We can’t package it. People try, but it can’t be done.

So what can you do?

Release your grip, and open both your hands to God.

With one hand, receive what you haven’t been seeing.

Open your eyes, ears, and all your senses to the gifts God has for you today. This means asking for what you want but releasing your certainty that you can’t be happy without it. The enemy tries to get us fixated on the one thing we don’t have (he did with Adam and Eve), and we lose sight of all God is giving.  Instead, practice gratitude.

With your other hand, reach for the unseen.

Reaching for the unseen means embracing you’re made for eternity. And so, it also means accepting you will live, for now, with an unfulfilled ache. Anyone far from home does. Allow the ache to remind you who and whose you are, and of the joy coming.

One more note:
Just as he did with Adam and Eve, the enemy will keep telling you God is holding out on you and that there is earthly pleasure that will fill the ache. Gratitude will combat the temptation to grasp for pleasure. But also, bring your ache to Christ on the cross. Press your empty hands against his open hands, press your longing heart to his exposed chest, and turn your hungry eyes to search the depths of his eyes.

Want more pleasure? Good. You were made for more. Don’t settle for less.

Here’s a challenge: Right now, right where you are, stop and identify three gifts that are yours to experience (or ignore) today. Share them below.

Trying to open my hands,

Thanks For Reading.

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  • My three gifts to experience:
    1) Uninterrupted time with my family.
    2) Exercise
    3) Good food, the kind that fuels your body and you don’t regret the next day

    Three that I could miss:
    1) A good conversation with a stranger
    2) Playing 3 year-old games with my 3 year-old.
    3) Enough sleep

  • I choose to be satisfied with….
    1- My position as a child of God that will continue into eternity.
    2- The wisdom and truth that comes from studying and understanding God’s Word.
    3- The way God chooses to use my life to impact the lives of others.

  • Three things I am thankful for:
    1) “He who began the good work will be faithful to complete it in me.”
    2) My friends and family
    3) My job

By Josh Glaser

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