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You’re worth healing from…

Sexual Brokenness Partner Betrayal Emotional Pains Abuse Abandonment

When we invite God into our stories, we become people who know Him more deeply and engage His kindness in our lives.

Are you local to the Baltimore or DC Metro Area?

If you are, and want to join us at one of our annual fundraisers, we would love to see you there. It is a heartfelt fundraising event full of worship, dessert, stories of God’s goodness, and an opportunity to partner with Regeneration.

Engage Your Story

You are an original, with a story that’s as unique and unrepeatable as your fingerprint. Use your own story to help you heal.

Experience God Deeply

  Past wounds and trauma can affect how you see and relate with God. Jesus wants to meet you in these places, drawing you closer to who He really is.

Become More Whole

Your wounds came from relationships and will be healed in relationships—both with God and with others. This is the path toward becoming whole.

Ready to Start Healing?

If you have been hurt by relationships, or if you struggle with unwanted sexual behaviors, Regeneration can help. Our spiritual coaching will help you break free and live a more healthy life.

Wherever You Are

Regeneration offers spiritual coaching in person and online so you can receive help wherever you are.

Your Life Is Worth the Investment

God wants to help you become the person He created you to be. No matter what struggles or traumas you’ve experienced, Jesus offers himself to make you whole. But you have to choose to invest in your own journey. Are you ready?

What Others Are Saying About The Journey

“I felt so incredibly broken and hopeless, I just needed to know that there was another human being on this planet who knew what I was experiencing; and was clinging to Jesus in a way that could and would move my curtain to shine the Light on my heart to uncover the roots of the pain that even I was too afraid to touch.


“God revealed His heart for me and the truth about who I am in him. That I am radiant, I am chosen, I am whole, I am light, I am made new, I am loved, I am sacred, and cherished.”


“Struggling with same-sex attraction most of my life, and being part of Christian circles that unknowingly added to the shame and trauma, I found Regen. Through Coaching you have helped me learn to hold my head high. While I am not where I desire to be, I am in a much better place than I once was.”