You were made for sexual integrity & wholeness

No Matter where you are…we are here to help

We offer self-guided courses, accountability groups, and one-to- to one coaching.

Start overcoming porn, masturbation, and other unwanted sexual behaviors, by rewriting how you respond to desire, temptation, mess-ups, and shame.

Find your identity, and walk in freedom from sexual brokenness. Awaken is a comprehensive place for Christian men seeking to grow in Sexual Integrity.

Regeneration Ministries offers Christ-centered, biblically-based, and clinically grounded help for Men and Women.

Learn to live God’s good, holy, and beautiful design for YOUR sexuality

Engage your story

Connect your struggle to your story

Connect your story to God

Discover. Engage. Become.

Go beyond the laws of attraction to discover the mystery of your identity as male or female. God has a good, holy, beautiful design for sexuality.
And it’s meant for you!

HEAR FROM Others ON The Journey

“I felt so incredibly broken and hopeless, I just needed to know that there was another human being on this planet who knew what I was experiencing; and was clinging to Jesus in a way that could and would move my curtain to shine the Light on my heart to uncover the roots of the pain that even I was too afraid to touch.”

Regeneration Ministries


“God revealed His heart for me and the truth about who I am in him. That I am radiant, I am chosen, I am whole, I am light, I am made new, I am loved, I am sacred, and cherished.”


“Struggling with same-sex attraction most of my life, and being part of Christian circles that unknowingly added to the shame and trauma, I found Regen. Through Coaching you have helped me learn to hold my head high. While I am not where I desire to be, I am in a much better place than I once was.”


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