Learn to live God’s good, holy, and beautiful design for YOUR sexuality

Becoming a person of sexual integrity is a life-long process.

Discover What’s Broken

Engage your story

Become more whole

HEAR FROM Others ON The Journey

“I felt so incredibly broken and hopeless, I just needed to know that there was another human being on this planet who knew what I was experiencing; and was clinging to Jesus in a way that could and would move my curtain to shine the Light on my heart to uncover the roots of the pain that even I was too afraid to touch.”

Regeneration Ministries


“God revealed His heart for me and the truth about who I am in him. That I am radiant, I am chosen, I am whole, I am light, I am made new, I am loved, I am sacred, and cherished.”


“Struggling with same-sex attraction most of my life, and being part of Christian circles that unknowingly added to the shame and trauma, I found Regen. Through Coaching you have helped me learn to hold my head high. While I am not where I desire to be, I am in a much better place than I once was.”


Discover. Engage. Become.

Go beyond the laws of attraction to discover the mystery of your identity as male or female. God has a good, holy, beautiful design for sexuality.
And it’s meant for you!

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