Untwisting the Message of Sexual Desire


The journey towards sexual integrity often involves unraveling the complexities of our desires and seeking a deeper understanding of their underlying messages. In a recent exploration of this topic, a discussion unfolded, shedding light on the profound connection between our sexual desires and the innate yearning for union with God. Let’s dive into the insights shared and unravel the deeper meaning behind our sexual desires.

First let’s recognize the common thread within our sexual behaviors – the longing for connection. Despite the distortions and disorientation that may manifest, at the core, these desires are an attempt to point us towards a yearning for genuine connection. Whether it’s the pursuit of sexual experiences, indulging in fantasies, or engaging in solo activities, the underlying desire to emotionally and physically connect with another human being is evident. This realization becomes a pivotal step in untwisting the twisted messages of our sexual desires.

Even in the pre-fall state, the recognition that it was not good for man to be alone led to the creation of woman, emphasizing the inherent need for companionship and union. This union, symbolized through the physical union of male and female, reflects a divine design woven into our bodies. The organic connectivity of male and female anatomy echoes the innate truth that we are not designed for isolation but for the union of husband and wife. And this union and connection, ultimately echos our union with God.

Our pursuit of physical intimacy ultimately transcends into a yearning for a union that only God can satisfy. Just as Jesus offered the Samaritan woman living water that quenches all thirst, our deepest desires beckon us towards a spiritual union that surpasses any physical ecstasy.

As we navigate our paths towards sexual integrity, may this revelation serve as a invitation to draw closer to God. Allowing God to fulfill the deeper yearnings within our souls and to uncover that which is tangled up in fantasies and deception. Bringing us to the truth that our true fulfillment is found in the life giving love of Jesus Christ.

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  • Excellent understanding about the drivers behind our behaviours. I never looked at porn, I always used my fantasies with real people,. I don’t have a great imagination and made a commitment before I was a Christian not to look at porn. I was deeply aware of the ache of connection and my emotional brokenness that I would not be chosen as I was so I need to fantasise the desire of others to want me. My uniqueness, which was is also a false edifice as a Christian. Great material. Bless you folks.

By Andre Taylor

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