Breaking Free: Debunking the Myths & Discovering Christ’s Roadmap for Finding Freedom 

from Porn, Masturbation, Casual Hook Ups & Other Unwanted Sexual Behaviors

What You’ll DISCOVER

  1. The #1 mistake that keeps countless women trapped
    in porn, masturbation, casual hook ups, and other unwanted sexual behaviors
  2. The real truth about why willpower, discipline, and trying harder just don’t work to break you free from these behaviors
  3. The most effective and transformative key to moving closer to Christ in the middle of mess ups, failure, and shame
  4. How to finally start breaking free – the first real step you can take to lean into a future of spiritual wholeness
women of oasis

It’s time to start a more connected and authentic journey of healing – where guilt and shame no longer force you to punish yourself or shun others, and you can truly accept Christ’s forgiveness and love as His beloved daughter.

Hundreds of thousands of women struggle with porn, masturbation, casual hook ups, and other unwanted sexual behaviors year after year…

And very few of them find safe and scared spaces for support, healing, and reconnection with Christ.

But that’s why we’re here.

If years ago, anyone commented that countless Christian women struggled silently, in the dark corners of guilt, shame, and isolation…many wouldn’t believe.

But at Regeneration Ministries, we knew. And after 40 years of supporting men, women, and families along their path to spiritual wholeness, we’ve seen the struggles and the triumphs that happen along this journey. We’ve walked alongside women from diverse backgrounds, battling the same internal turmoil. And there’s hope.

By understanding the real challenges and embracing divine solutions, transformation becomes possible.

If you’re a woman who’s also battling porn, masturbation, casual hook ups, and other unwanted sexual behaviors, and you’re on this journey toward godly wholeness – figuring out how to get free and stay free is the ultimate desire of your heart.

And we want to help you get there.

Kyle Bowman
Rebecca Baker

Meet The Regeneration Ministries Team.

We’re the dedicated team behind Regeneration Ministries, passionately equipping men, women and families to align with God’s beautiful design for sexuality.

Our mission is not just about combating unwanted behaviors, but about healing the heart, mind, and soul through God’s Presence, His Voice, and connection with Him. With programs like Oasis and resources like our blog, newsletter, and podcasts, all tailored for women like you, our goal is to shed light, love, and clarity on paths previously cloaked in darkness.

From personal stories to effective strategies, from spiritual insights to emotional support, we’ve nurtured and celebrated the transformations of many. 

Specifically this training will be hosted by two members of our team, Kyle Bowman (top) and Rebecca Baker (bottom), both of whom have worked with hundreds and hundreds of women, and are dedicated to helping you move away from these behaviors and embrace your inherent, God-designed belovedness and wholeness.

If you’re open to joining this journey, even if you still have some doubts, and concerns, this free, live training is designed for you. 

We’re praying for every woman who registers, and we hope you’ll be one of them.


This could be a significant turning point in your journey.

Start Discovering What Healing & Wholeness Can Look and Feel Like, Even If You’re Currently Struggling to Accept God’s Forgiveness and Love for You.

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