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Regen Submission Guidelines

Publishing an article on Regeneration Ministries is a great way to reach thousands of people around the world around sexual integrity.

Read the following guidelines carefully to give yourself the best chance of being published.

  • Content: Articles can cover a wide-variety of topics relevant to sexual integrity (e.g. pornography addiction, masturbation, lust, a cheating spouse, same-sex attractions, unwanted sexual behaviors etc.).
  • Length/Formatting: Aim for between 800-1200 words. Keep your paragraphs short. More than 3-4 sentences will make your paragraphs too dense. Sub-headings to break up the content as well as numbered or bulleted lists also make your post more readable.
  • Editing: We will likely copy-edit your post for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Articles that require substantive editing will most likely be rejected for that reason alone. If possible, have a good editor go over your submission before sending it in. Your style should be professional but personal. References to deity should be capitalized.
  • Scripture: For Scripture quotations, use the English Standard Bible (ESV), New King James Version (NKJV), or New American Standard Bible (NASB).
  • Submitting: Submit your completed article for consideration by our team. Please note we only consider finished articles; we do not accept pitches.
  • Please do not contact us with questions about sponsored posts.

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