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Put Your Job Before Your Marriage


I’m certain of the right way to load a dishwasher. My wife isn’t. And this has been a recurring point of tension in our marriage. Recently, I was re-loading the dishwasher and griping (so maturely) about it when the Holy Spirit gently but piercingly spoke: “You chose her.” Ever experience how God can say something simple that nonetheless penetrates several layers at once? This was one of those...

What if God Doesn’t Change You?


What is the area of sin or temptation that is most tenacious in your life? What’s that problem area you can’t seem to change? We live in a consumer-driven culture, so we’re conditioned to approach a lot of life from a consumer perspective. Is this a good deal? What does this offer me? What do I get out of this? Is this worth it? I walk with a lot of men and women who have struggled for years with...

#metoo, Part 3: Forgiveness


Women and men who have experienced sexual assault, abuse, and aggression have been finding their courage and coming forward to tell their stories. And people are listening. There’s such good in this. And, as I wrote last week, more is needed. With some of those who are bringing their stories to the light, I get concerned. I get concerned about the timing, I get concerned about who they’re telling...

#metoo, Part 2: Momentum


Last week I wrote about the good that’s sweeping our country with the #metoo campaign. Truly, something good has begun and I want to see the momentum continue. But momentum can also get away from us, carrying us to places we don’t want to go. If our aims include individual healing, true justice, and healthy relationships in a healthy community, we have to take care how we handle momentum. The...



Me Too. Two simple words are changing our society. The good is evident: Women (and men) who have long been silent are finding their voices, naming their abuse and their abusers, and drawing strength from each other. Just as importantly, those they’re telling are listening. From a healing standpoint, all this is so significant and so good. In our experience at Regeneration walking with men and...

The Reality Of Desire


“Jesus turned and saw them following and said to them, ‘What are you seeking?'” ~John 1:38 Do you know what you want?  For what do you wish?  What do you seek?  Each human being, every day of their life, wrestles in some way, shape or form with desire. As human beings, made in the image of God, the pull of desire is built into us, it is part of our DNA.  Because desire is God...

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