Sexual Integrity Starts with Who You Are


Is sexual integrity something you aspire to? If so, find an old-fashioned clock. When does a clock most exhibit integrity? You might be tempted to think it’s when the clock is telling the correct time, but that’s not it. Even a stopped clock will tell the right time twice a day. Sexual Integrity Integrity is not first and foremost what you do, it is who you are. Integrity means oneness...

Be Curious About What You Feel


Too many people who struggle to overcome habitual pornography use believe that marriage will solve their problem. “Once I get married,” the reasoning goes, “I’ll have a God-given way to enjoy sex, so I won’t need porn anymore.” But in nearly every case, those who go into marriage hoping that an ongoing problem with pornography (or other unwanted sexual behaviors) will disappear once they’re...

Fragments of You


Looking up pornography, arranging an affair or hookup; these things cut you off from you. Unwanted sexual behaviors are an escape mechanism and their gift is dissociation. When you don’t know how to deal with the hardships in your life, dissociating through distraction can feel like an easy way out. But the further deep you are in your sexual sin, the farther you are walking away from you...

To See and Be Seen


The power to see and be seen is more than just opening our eyes. We easily diminish that power with our human tendencies towards lust or comparison or judgment. What is it like to see how Jesus sees? In this episode, we’ll examine our human vision versus Jesus’ all-powerful, all-knowing, loving vision. Jesus knows you through and through and loves you. Before hitting play, pray the words of a...

The Scary Business of Being Seen


Have you ever considered how much power people’s eyes have? Seeing is powerful. You’ve probably felt this intuitively at some point in your life when… You wanted someone to look your way, and they did. Or they didn’t. You said or did something embarrassing and wished you were invisible. Everyone else on Zoom had their camera off, so you turned yours off, too. You felt truly seen by a friend...

Is Lust Okay in Marriage?


Is lust okay in marriage? That’s a loaded question. What even is the Definition of Lust? Dan Keefer joins the podcast to unpack the answer. Stopping to consider lust in your marriage may be new to you. We’ll take the first step to define and understand what lust means. There are so many layers. And this conversation is careful to help you understand them. Picking and choosing parts of your spouse...

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