Embracing Imperfections & Deepening Connections in Marriage


ABOUT THE EPISODE What if we told you that you have the power to redefine beauty and truly appreciate your spouse’s appearance, imperfections and all? Join us in this eye-opening episode as we uncover powerful insights on how to retrain our minds, heavily influenced by media and pornography, to recognize and delight in our partner’s beauty, even as they age or change. Together...

Do I Need to Look at My Past?


ABOUT THE EPISODE Do you need to look at your past? If you want freedom from unwanted sexual behavior? Do you need to go back there? Do you need to think about mom and dad and kids at school and wounds you experienced if you want to be free? We’re going to talk about that in today’s podcast. Now, when we talk about looking at our pasts, we are not talking about blaming wounds...

When You Lack Desire for Your Spouse


Listen on: When you find yourself lacking desire for your spouse, I would invite you to look somewhere else. I want to invite you to look at how you feel about yourself.  How good I feel about yourself is usually more of the underlying reason why you lack desire for your spouse, then your spouse’s. It really has to do with you. So let me unpack that a little bit. When you look in the...

Your Imagination Is Better Than Porn


Listen on: In this podcast, we are talking about your imagination. Your Imagination Is Better Than Porn. We who are seeking sexual integrity know the problem of how our mind can get us into trouble with sexual thoughts, sexual fantasies, and sexual imaginings that lead us down a path. It can start with just a small thought that seems to kind of drift into our brain. Then something inside grabs a...

Let Christ Smash Your Ceilings


So many people have ceilings on how far they can go in life. Some ceilings come from what people say is or isn’t possible as it pertains to change and transformation. In our culture many believe there is a ceiling with those who wrestle with same sex attraction or men in general, that they will always struggle with lust and have no possibility of change. On the other side there are those that...

Sometimes You Gotta Fight


I want to talk today about a little bit of a dichotomy that a lot of people experience in their journey towards sexual integrity. If you’ve listened to this podcast for any length of time, or been involved in our coaching, groups, or events, I hope that you’ve picked up on the reality that we seek to bring the love and grace of God into all things. We believe that real life change...

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