Rewind to Reveal


Rewind to a time in your past that was full of hurt, pain, wounding. Release, if you can, any feelings of shame and grief. As hard as it may be to believe; there is more to be found in your past wounding. In this episode of “Becoming Whole,” Josh and Kit explore the practice of rewinding to reveal the glory waiting in the wounding. This is not a practice of glossing over our pasts looking for the...

Recognizing a Destructive Marriage


Can you recognize a destructive relationship? No relationship is perfect. But, we’re talking about more than just feeling disappointed. Can you tell the difference between a difficult relationship and one that is tearing you down? In this episode of “Becoming Whole,” Josh and Kit identify patterns to look for and unpack what they mean. Our deepest desire is to be known and loved. At a deep level...

Power Issues


The Power Stance – feet apart, chest out, arms at your side. The pose is meant to inspire your own sense of confidence while giving others the idea you are powerful. The issue goes deeper than a perception though. And in this episode, Josh and Dan take a look at the past for where the Power Issues lie. When it comes to men and their unwanted sexual behaviors, power, or lack thereof, can...

The Reason for the Season


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the reason for the season. Is it though? Feels more like ’tis the season for unmet expectations. Combine those unmet expectations with Covid restrictions and it feels even more difficult to find reason for our weary world to rejoice. Whatever hurt you’re facing – loss, grief, financial struggles or isolation – it hurts even deeper...

Expectations vs. Hope


This short episode is packed. We encourage you to listen, then let it all settle in and listen again. Josh and Kit unpack a lot on the big topic of Expectation vs Hope in a little amount of time. There’s a lot to process here on the definitions of both concepts. When you were little, you were probably taught a happiness equation suggesting “Life’s going to be great as long as you (fill in the...

Self-Kindness Heals


Abuse, Divorce, Loss, this Pandemic; Trauma comes in many shapes. You may still be figuring out all the ways trauma has left its mark. Trauma may have impacted your ability to build healthy relationships. The memory of your past trauma may still haunt your present day. The common denominator in all this is YOU. Our offering, in this podcast, is a look at how you can help you. Josh and Kit dive...

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