Matthew Snider


He’s Cheating. Now What?


Everything changed with a ding, with a click on a tab; that’s all it took to discover the man you love has been cheating on you. Now what? That’s just one of the questions we’ll walk through on this episode of “Sacred by Design.” Anne joins Andrea to discuss the ways infidelity leaves you with more than just a broken heart. Together, let’s Learn to name the symptoms your body is experiencing, to...

Road Hazards to Sexual Integrity


The journey to sexual integrity is loaded with potholes and detours. Road Hazards to Sexual Integrity.Let’s be honest – It’s easy to come out of one ditch and end up stumbling into another. You’ve been doing such important work walking towards sexual wholeness.When it comes to your lusts, we hope this episode serves to alert you to two pitfalls.  As you move forward, be aware of them and be...

The Integrity of Sex


Sex is more than an act. It’s more than a bandaid, more than a habit, more than an excuse.  Consider this – one of your deepest needs and desires is to be fully seen, fully known, and fully loved.  A bandaid or habit can’t fulfill that kind of need. There is more to sex.  In this episode, we’ll hear how to appreciate God’s design for the relational dynamic sex offers a...

Breaking Unholy Agreements


When it comes to your story, God is the Author. And, you should be aware the enemy is eager to weave lies into every single chapter. So how do we break unholy agreements? When you hear those whispers and believe them to be true; you’re making an unholy agreement. The lies we agree to change our perception, even our experience, of reality. We hope this episode motivates you to ask the Lord to...

The Defining Source


The age old question, Who am I? is important and fundamental to each of us.  Who are you trusting with the answer? Consider your sources: An internet search will give you more than 11 BILLION ideas to sift through. Social media offers you thousands of hashtags. And libraries are spilling with books full of answers. The world is loud with expressive individualism. Scientific language applied to...

Lust is a Fractured Thing


Within the realm of sexual sins, maybe you tend to look past Lust as “not so bad.”  But, looking past Lust gives this quiet sin even more destructive power. In your journey to sexual integrity, you’re working towards becoming whole. And part of that work means considering yourself and others as whole persons. Lust dismantles that work one body part at a time. It quietly splits us from...

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