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One of the greatest threats to following Christ in our day is the massive amount of stuff we see, hear, and do, including good “Christian” stuff.

We have so much access to so much. And the digital world has increased our access exponentially.

Right now, right here in my hand, I can learn what’s going on around the world, see images of far off places, hear music that fills my soul, read stories that move me to laughter or tears, see smiling faces of old friends.

It’s almost like tapping into infinity.

This access isn’t the threat. But because I’m created with a gaping hunger that only an infinite Source can fill, and because the digital world can feel like an infinite source, I’m tempted to believe it can give me more than it can.

Knowing my need and my longing, Jesus invites me to follow Him. He intends to fill that abyss with Himself. And I believe Him.

But on any given day, without realizing what I’m doing, I can meander from one important news story, to a friend’s selfie, to a spiritually insightful article by a respected pastor, to a hilarious video, to a song on the radio, to a helpful parenting hack, to an alarming news update.

It all feels important. It all seems good to know. How can I not pay attention?

But what can escape my notice as I listen, watch, and read all that’s available to me is that in the face of this near-infinite access, I am far from infinite. I have a limited amount of attention, time, memory, and emotional capacity. My body only allows me to be where I am, doing what I’m doing. Nothing more.

Jesus understands this from first-hand experience. Taking up our humanity, He too was pressed from all sides with information, possibilities, concerns, conversations, and people’s endless requests. For every place He went, there were others He was choosing not to go to. For every request He said yes to, there were others He was saying no to. (See for example Mark 1:35-38.)

How I spend my time is where I’m giving my life. Choosing to follow even a fraction of the witty, meaningful, entertaining, thrilling, encouraging, creative, even Christ-honoring content available to me can easily mean I’ve followed something other than Jesus.

Because the question is never, “Am I following?” The question is “Who am I following?”

Let’s let Jesus’ words from 2,000 years ago sink in to all we have access to today: “What is that to you? You follow Me” (John 21:22).

Question: What helps you follow Christ amidst all you have access to in today’s world? Leave a comment here.



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  • Thanks for the powerful reminders. I wish I had read your blog before I spent my typical morning time checking out Facebook 🙂

By Josh Glaser

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