How To Rate and Review A Podcast Using Your iPhone

Every week on the Regeneration podcast you’ll always hear us mention to review or rate the show. Ratings and reviews help us reach more ears with the content you have come to love. While we are asking, we know it’s not super obvious on how to actually leave a review or rate the podcast. So here’s a simple guide on how to do just that. Launch the Apple Podcasts app. 2. Tap the Search button...

How to Setup Screen Time for Your Kids

Kids these days are growing up as digital natives, and that presents parents with a new world to lean into. We don’t understand it and it feels new and foreign to us all. Using the line “I used to be your age, I know what you are going through” is no longer a truth we can parent by. Below we will teach you How to Setup Screen Time for Your Kids. Times are changing and so should...

Five Tips for Parenting in a Digital Age

When I was a kid, we imagined life in the 21st century would include huge upgrades in technology like space travel, jet packs, laser guns, and robot servants. We imagined a coming space age, but the 21st century our kids are actually growing up in isn’t so much a space age, it’s a digital age. Life didn’t so much move to the stars as it did to our screens. Don’t get me wrong, the digital age is...

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