Unwanted: Revealing Your Path to Healing Men’s Intensive

When it comes to your struggle with unwanted sexual behavior, have you ever wondered, “How Did I Get Here?” “Why Do I Stay?” or “How Do I Get Out Of Here?”

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and you’ve been active in your recovery journey, then this opportunity is for you!

Regeneration is excited to offer our first men’s small group intensive, based on Unwanted by Jay Stringer. In this eight-week intensive you will:

  • Learn to engage your story and other’s stories by cultivating curiosity
  • Identify patterns of repeating or reversing the traumas and experiences you have had 
  • Develop a “Freedom For” instead of a “Freedom From” mindset
  • Identify key drivers and experiences that keep you stuck
  • Transform how you relate to yourself and others

 If you are ready to go deeper into your recovery journey and experience greater healing and wholeness, reach out to [email protected]. Don’t delay! Space is limited. A deposit of $375 is required to hold your spot. 

Below is more info on the Dates, Times, Costs and Structure of the Unwanted Men’s Intensive.

Aaron Tagert – Group LeaDer

Certified Unwanted Guide

Aaron is a compassionate and experienced guide, dedicated to helping men pursue healing and freedom from unwanted sexual behaviors and relational brokenness. He joined Regeneration’s team in 2021. Aaron is an ordained minister, a Certified Guide with Jay Stringer’s Unwanted course, a trained Full Therapeutic Disclosure Guide, and has extensive training in healing prayer. Aaron specializes in helping men engage their stories by developing curiosity and self-compassion in a safe and supportive environment. His greatest desire for men is to help them walk in the truth that they are true sons of God and that in them, He is well pleased.

Aaron is a Fellow of the C.S. Lewis Institute and holds an undergraduate degree in youth ministry and a master’s degree in education. In addition to his role as a Men’s Spiritual Coach, Aaron also serves as Regeneration’s Ministry Outreach Coordinator, and as the leader of our Unwanted Men’s Intensive Group. Aaron serves as the men’s ministry leader at his church and has experience leading groups with Husband Material, Samson Society, Celebrate Recovery, and the Conqueror Series. Aaron has been married to his wife Alysha since 2007 and they have two sons and two daughters.

Dates: January 9th 2024 – March 5th 2024 (This group will run for a total of 8 weeks)

Times and Location: Meetings will be conducted via Zoom on Tuesdays 1:00-3:00pm EST

Group Structure: This intensive will offer a high level of support, including 2 one-on-one coaching sessions and will require a high level of accountability to the leader and group. 

Expectations: This program requires a commitment to personal work (usually between 2 to 4 hours/week) in addition to the Tuesday afternoon weekly group meeting. In addition, the strength of the group meetings is dependent upon each participant’s investment throughout the week.

Curriculum and Cost: Program costs $1500. Reserve your spot today by making a down payment of $375. Space is limited and the group will close when it has reached 8 participants.

  • In addition, prior to the start of the program, each participant needs to…
    • Purchase a copy of Unwanted
    • Purchase Unwanted Digital Workbook – https://www.unwantedworkbook.com/
    • Complete the Sexual Behavior Self-Assessment (free with purchase of Unwanted Digital Workbook) Link to this is through the purchase of the Workbook)

If you wanted to join the Unwanted Intensive but didn’t get in, email [email protected] to reserve your spot for the next intensive.

“The Unwanted group created the solid foundation I needed to address and manage my temptations. The story work opened my eyes to the way things in my past had been unconsciously affecting my present. The principles I learned through Unwanted and the support of the group have helped transform my thinking and the way I now approach my recovery. “


“I really appreciate Jay Stringer’s insight on how my unwanted sexual behaviors came about. The Unwanted group, and the encouragement to be curious about my own story was a helpful framework for my recovery journey. The idea that I have an “arousal cocktail” and that the content of my sexual fantasies could actually be key to finding the path to healing was crucial.”


“The Unwanted group and Regeneration have helped change my life. Before the Unwanted group I was not able to admit or face my addiction. It it because of the connection and sharing in each other’s stories that I was able to find the strength and support I needed in order to find freedom. I have been free from my addiction for over two years because of the awareness of my triggers and what I learned in the Unwanted group to deal with those triggers. I cannot recommend the Unwanted program enough to anyone who is willing to put in the work towards freedom.”


“Going through Unwanted was the best investment in my healing journey that I have ever made. I wish I would have gone through this earlier in my recovery.” 


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