Breaking the Link Between Self-Preservation and Sexual Sin


(This is an updated article, originally written by Alan Medinger in 2005) “They can’t hurt me. Nobody can hurt me.” Have you ever said that? Something we can say so casually is tied to some of the deepest places in our past. These words expressed a choice I had made, one that would shield me from significant harm for years to come. However, the choice has several other effects that I never would...

More than Same-Sex Attracted


If you’re a woman who loves Jesus and you find yourself attracted to other women, reconciling your “identity” may feel impossible. The world we live in reduces who we are to the smallest sliver of our sexuality. But there’s so much more to you than being a lesbian or straight or a Christian or not.  Take some time with us to stop hiding or defining yourself. For now, set aside the...

Why Parents Are Better Than the Internet


It’s time you face it: The internet has you beat when it comes to conversations with your kids about romance, dating, and sex. I’m not suggesting you throw your hands up and walk away, but every good parent needs to know what they’re up against, and well, when it comes to sex, the internet is really tough competition. Your kids will never catch the Internet at a bad time.YouTube doesn’t get too...

3 Steps to Navigating Temptation


Zion put it well when sharing with his therapist, “If I’m honest, sometimes temptation feels so strong, I don’t even want to resist. I just want it to let it wash over me and carry me wherever it wants to go.” Temptation—perhaps especially sexual temptation—can be immensely powerful. So much so, it can be difficult to even want to resist. If you have a pattern of habitual unwanted sexual...



There is a serious challenge facing Christians who struggle with same-sex attractions or gender confusion in our day. Whether or not these are issues for you personally, for the sake of our brothers and sisters who do, read on. A few years ago, I read an article about a man I know who left his gay identity and gay relationships because of his Christian convictions. The article outlined how he got...

Grief for Transgendered Loved Ones, but Not Despair


Grief is a natural response when we hear bad news of human sin and suffering. But sometimes my grief has taken me too far. Recently, a friend confided in me that his daughter is now identifying as a boy. He’s heartbroken, and I am heartbroken with him. He looks at pictures in which his daughter looks happy, strong, healthy, bright and beautiful. Now she insists she is he/him, dresses differently...

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