Finding Christ in a TV Show

I love good theology. I can kind of geek out on it. But it doesn’t move me the same way a good story can, or movie, or song, or piece of art. This is a problem for all of us wanting to grow in Christ, and all of us concerned about Christian formation and transformation in families, churches, and the larger culture. Most evangelical churches rely on teaching to communicate the primary truths of...

Moving Beyond “Better Days”

When an unfaithful husband’s* betrayal comes to light, and both he and his wife begin the process of recovery, it’s not uncommon to hear something along these lines: “I’ll do whatever is necessary to get things back to the way they were.” “I’m through with the other relationship. I don’t want to lose my wife and family.” “If my wife will forgive me, I know we can be happy again like we used to be...

Why I Didn’t Want to March, and Why I Did Anyway

Last week, the Supreme Court heard arguments for two monumental cases regarding the future of marriage in our country. The court could rule in several ways, but ultimately, what they decide could clear the way for same-sex marriage to become the law of the land across the U.S. With so much at stake, people from both sides of this debate showed up in D.C. last week. I was invited by two dear...

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