Podcast: Aching for Manhood


Episode 92 – Aching for Manhood Join Josh and Matthew as they discuss our innate ache for manhood. What is it? Who defines it? How do I get it? Highlights: …what does that healthy hunger look like… …I wish I could be more in my manhood … …because God has placed in us the reality that we are men, created to be, image-bearers of God in our manhood… Thanks for joining us. We would be honored...

Lights Up


The specific sins from which we’re saved can become holy embers from which His light burns brightest in our lives. How can men and women in darkness know the Savior He is unless they hear of the strong, dark giants from which He has saved us?

Are You a Wanderer, Too?


I prefer to say I’m “on a journey.” But sometimes, that sounds a bit too certain, like I know where I started, where I am, and where and when I’ll arrive. In so many areas of my life, I don’t know any of these things. I’m wandering. As a father, there are times I feel like I’m reaching for an internal “dad” map that’s missing long stretches of road. Did I miss a turn back there? When my temper...

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