Intimacy and Identity


Wired for Friendship


Friendship is fun and discouraging and vulnerable and wonderful and hard. Part of your sacred design is a calling for friendship. You are hard-wired for connection. So, we’re devoting this time to both acknowledge the difficulty in friendship and explore the fullness it holds. Friendship offers a type of love that comes alongside you. We hope you hear and see enthusiasm and encouragement in this...

Step Out of the Shame Game


Maybe you’ve been on a roll. When it comes to your sexual addiction, maybe you have hit a level of sobriety and then… it all falls apart. OK. So, now what? First, if you’re struggling with an addiction like compulsive masturbation or hookups, please know you’re not alone. And then stick with us to see how to step out of the shame game and into the life Jesus is calling you towards. Listen in...

Emotional Health and Sexuality


Consider this, sexual sins are tied to our failure to manage emotions in a healthy way.  As much as sexual sins are a problem, they are ultimately a symptom of deeper wounds that God wants to heal. It takes much more than just stopping bad habits to develop sexual integrity. It means learning to care well for yourself and others, including emotionally. Do you know what the best part is...

What is Purity Really?


Purity encompasses more than just the absence of bad behavior. The presence of “something good” is what defines purity. We fall short of achieving purity because we often aim to just erase unwanted behaviors. This is common in the area of sexuality. You can attempt to remove every last trace of sexual sin without ever achieving ultimate sexual purity if there isn’t “something...

How Lust is Dividing Us


When compared with other things people might do, many of us believe lust is a relatively harmless thing. But what if lust is actually doing more damage than we know? It was Seth’s first night at his church’s sexual addiction recovery group. By way of introduction, each man shared about the sexual habits that led to joining the group: For most it was habitual porn use. Two men confessed having...

When You Don’t Want to Obey


What do you do when your body feels full of desire to do what you said you’d never do again? What do you do when you don’t want to obey God? I must have promised I’d never act out sexually again a thousand times. Especially after my sin, I felt so badly, I never wanted to sin again. My desire to do better felt like an army pumped up, loud, and ready for battle. But every time, after some time had...

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