Help for Hurting Parents


Try allowing this statement to marinate in your heart for a moment: “God is writing a story for your child that you wouldn’t write.” Being a mom is a tough job. Listen in while two moms talk about loving children well. We are with you in NOT underestimating the hurt. Help for Hurting Parents. And we want to encourage you to NOT underestimate the hope. And if you aren’t a mom, stay with us and...

A Little Help Along the Way


OK, pause for a moment. I want you to say this statement out loud, “God will sustain me through challenging times with my children!” One of the biggest lies we tend to tell ourselves, is that nobody understands what we’re going through. And though there are times that feel that way, it’s not actually true. We all face difficult circumstances as parents and many are common.  Consider these...

Toxic Mommy & Me


As a little girl, in what ways was your mom NOT who you needed her to be? You’re probably feeling a reaction to this question in your gut. Whether your reflex is to protect your mom with excuses or you’re ready to lash out; you’re in the right place. We invite you to listen while we explore the “Mother Wound.” Let’s define the pain with an understanding that is less about blaming your mom and...

Does My Child Need Help?


When you discover one of your kids has been viewing porn or struggling with other sexual behaviors, it can be tempting to cross your fingers and hope that whatever your kids are going through, they’ll just outgrow it. But what if they won’t? And how can you know? This question matters, because how you do or don’t respond matters. If you come down too fearful or negative when your kid is curious...

Redefining Sexual Freedom


In your heart, what do you believe freedom from unwanted sexual behaviors looks like, feels like? In this episode of Sacred by Design, we’ll unpack the many-layered gift of true freedom. God sees you and loves you, right where you are. He is inviting you to freedom of immeasurably more than just staying within practical boundaries. Together, lets redefine freedom. can’t be loaded...

Power of Community


You were never meant to be alone. If you find yourself alone because no one seems to understand or because you can’t imagine sharing your struggle; listen in. We’re exploring the need we all carry for community. There is power within a circle of safety and good listening. And you deserve it. Maybe you’ve found community and been hurt within it. This is for you too. can’t be loaded because...

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