Does Jesus Change Sexual Orientation?


Jesus can change homosexually-attracted men and women. Change is multi-faceted and there’s a lot more to how this happens and what this means than this blog will cover, but we know the reality of change based on the authority of Scripture, the historical teachings of the Church, and the testimonies of those who have experienced changes in their behavior, their sense of identity, and sometimes even in their sexual desires.

But homosexually-attracted men and women are far from the only ones in our culture who need transformation in their sexuality.

Everyone’s “sexual orientation” was damaged in the fall. By way of example, each of the following expresses a disordered sexual desire or behavior in need of the transformative, regenerative work of Jesus:

• Sexual lust or fantasy.
• Pornography use.
• Fantasy and masturbation.
• Feeling sex is inherently dirty or sinful.
• Absence of sexual desire.
• Believing sex is “no big deal.”
• Promiscuity.
• Sex outside of marriage.
• Giving sex to get love.
• Giving love to get sex.
• Avoiding touch out of fear it will “go too far.”
• Looking down on men or women.
• Posting suggestive pictures to get attention.
• Encouraging classmates to send nude pictures of themselves.
• Thinking of your spouse (or future spouse) as an outlet for your sexual desire.
• Justifying fantasy and masturbation because you’re thinking of your spouse.
• Thinking men aren’t responsible for their lust if a woman dresses a certain way.
• Thinking women aren’t responsible for how their dress impacts men.
• Thinking a better body makes for better sex.
• Equating a “better body” with sex appeal.

Each of these comes from distorted, disordered views about sex that are rampant in our world. And each reveals our need for a change in sexual orientation.

If we believe that change is needed only for those with homosexual or bisexual attractions, we are like those in John 8 who insisted they were free, whom Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is the slave of sin” (John 8:34).

Does Jesus change sexual orientation? He does. He is always willing to help us become the men and women He created us to be. It may take time and many trials and purifications along the way, but if we’ll let Him, He’ll transform our weak and disordered sexuality into alignment with His faithful, life-giving, self-giving love.

Christ died bodily and rose bodily for our bodies and all their urges. His Passion can transform our passions.

As Easter nears, let us again each bring our disordered desires to the One who desires us most of all.

How might the perspective that we all need Christ’s sanctifying work in the area of our “sexual orientation” change our churches? Also, is there anything on the list above that surprised you? Leave a comment below.


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  • I am so quite impacted by this particular blog. First, the list of “sexual sins” is impressive and inclusive. It reminds me that all of us are sexually broken. There is brokenness any time we are separated from God or from others God has put into our world. We are called to righteousness and so often we settle for selfishness masquerading as righteousness. Thank you for thinking this through. If we in the church understood Christ’s sanctifying work in the are of “:sexual orientation” or any other are of brokenness, and if we understood our need for sanctification, I think we would attract many more people to Jesus. Much to think about. Thank you. By the way, I also am “changing” and hopefully allowing God to transform me day by day. Amen.

  • I struggled with SSA (same sex attractions) from since I was 3 years old or younger. I can testify that Jesus does deliver from the bondage of homossexuality. Converted at 14, by 27 was still struggling and saw little improvement in spite of being a virgin. After a very difficult season when God reached down to me personally and through one of my pastors, I stood up in faith and soon was dating the most dedicated girl in the church. Two years later we got married, and we now have 3 children and have been married for 23 years plus. She the only person I ever dated, and also a virgin. And yes, God’s grace enabled me to TELL HER all about my temptations BEFORE even getting engaged – she did not have any idea as I did not have mannerisms.

    One of the reasons I did not date before was the false notion that, as I did not get VISUALLY turned on by the female body as I was by the male, I “was” gay. What a shock and pleasant surprise it was for me when I found out I got REALLY excited sexually by my girlfriend, only not “visually” but by touch – so much so that we had to stop touching each other significantly (embracing, kissing etc – it never got further than that) otherwise we would have gone “all the way”.

    Am I still tempted? Yes, but another important thing I learned – TEMPTATION DOES NOT DEFINE ME. Obvious, but I had to absorb this simple and liberating truth. More – it’s been a few years now that it has dawned on me that my temptations boiled down to coveting other males’ bodies, because I did not see myself or feel myself masculine enough. Very ugly but liberating. Temptation lost its old glamour to show itself for what it really is. The two roots of my SSA were a bad relationship with my father and the feeling that I was not enough of a man, that I was lacking in masculinity. The texts available on the Exodus Global Alliance helped me a lot.

    I share this in the hope it will be encouraging to other men who struggle. Seek Jesus – not for what he can do in your sexuallity, but for what he is – but he is a great savior, the only savior, and he REALLY frees man from all bonds.

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I’m happy to hear you were able to have sexual feelings for the opposite sex. That is amazing.

  • This entry is one of the best in an excellent series – and I very much appreciate the scope covered. None of us is naturally whole in the area of sexuality. We all need Jesus to forgive and transform us. My struggle was with pornography, and the Lord enabled me to give up a dependence that was decades long (although with some long periods of abstinence), and about to plunge into more than just pretty girls. It was a powerful and humbling experience, for which I shall be eternally grateful.

  • As a gay man I think you are full of crap there’s nothing wrong with us and god created us too

    • Dennis, I agree wholeheartedly that God created you too. The primary point of my post was to say that in my view, there is little to nothing different about you and me (or anyone) when it comes to what is “wrong with us.” Perhaps our primary difference is simply that in my view as a Christian, there is something wrong with us–all of us–that needs the death and resurrection of Christ in order to be restored. You do not need to agree with me, of course, but if you want to discuss any of this further, email me at [email protected] and let’s set up a time to talk.

By Josh Glaser

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