Lust is a Fractured Thing


Within the realm of sexual sins, maybe you tend to look past Lust as “not so bad.”  But, looking past Lust gives this quiet sin even more destructive power.

In your journey to sexual integrity, you’re working towards becoming whole. And part of that work means considering yourself and others as whole persons.

Lust dismantles that work one body part at a time. It quietly splits us from ourselves and from others.

Please consider taking some time to work through the Gospel Meditation in the Homework section.


Lust can be defined as looking at another person as a sexual object for my own selfish, sexual desire rather than seeing a person who’s created in God’s image to be loved.

When we objectify another person, it elicits a sense of pleasure and as we hold onto the parts that make us feel good; we are discarding the rest.

Lust says, “I want the parts that arouse me but not the parts that require something from me, that would cost me something.”

Marriage says, “I know that there are parts of you that will cost me something and I’m all in because you’re worth all of me.”

Men, you are worth too much to keep falling into sexual sin.

Go Deep, Connect with Jesus, Awaken


Prayer: “Lord, I see this in me. I see that I want to hold onto this. And I need your help with it. I do surrender this to you. I want to see people as people.”

Read John 21:15-19 as Jesus sees the break between he and Peter, and heals the rupture. Read Jesus’ questions again, recalling that Peter had denied Jesus three times and was now being asked three times if he loved Jesus. Read the story as an invitation for you.

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