Lust Makes You Fat


I talked with a man last week whose wife has started limiting sweets to only one day a week. He expressed that it’s difficult, but as he talked, it was apparent he’s enjoying it.

This seemed counter-intuitive for a man who enjoys desserts. Why would you want less if you enjoy it so much?

I found what he shared to be such a compelling idea for dessert lovers, and I can’t help but think about the parallels to dealing with sexual desire as well:

  1. Because they’ve abstained from sweets through the rest of the week, they relish dessert more than they ever have. Before, when sweets were a whenever-you-want affair, it was nothing special. Now, it’s an occasion.
  2. Because they only have one shot at dessert a week, they don’t grab for a bag of Chips Ahoy or a box of Ho Ho’s. They go for the real deal– desserts worth waiting for, like homemade pies, tarts, and cakes.
  3. Accordingly, they pay more attention to what they really like and what they really want. And because they’re doing this together, it’s an opportunity for them to really pay attention to the other’s desires, too. Dessert has become more relational, even more loving.
  4. They’ve become more careful about what they keep around their house. Even if it means disposing of the remains of the dessert they enjoyed the night before, their home reflects their commitment, their new rhythm of life.
  5. They’re healthier. They’re enjoying losing weight and feeling better. And they’re becoming more self-controlled people in general.

Can you see the parallels to healthy sexuality?

When we indulge in lust (using others for our own sexual gratification), we get “fat” on sexual titillation.

But when we allow Jesus to redeem sex, it becomes something more: a special occasion, a personal part of a relationship with a husband or wife, a sacrificial way to love someone different than you are, a treasure worth safeguarding, and a delicious part of a healthy and holy marriage.

Let me hear from you! What are the parallels you see between this couple’s approach to sweets and a godly approach to handling sexual desire? How does this play out for singles? Leave a comment below.

Sweet enough,

P.S. If you’re up for a laugh, here’s one of my favorite comedians, Brian Regan, talking about some of the struggles he has with food. Brian Regan foods and labels

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  • is a balance too much of one thing can make you sick. B sides one has to wonder why sweets ALL the time. I think some ppl who have difficult lives use things as an escape. No one wants to suffer ALL the time so God does reward us but i think its when you want rewards all the time without letting God decide is when its one likes to think God is control of this area too, i mean we want control over something so intimate but Hes boss even in the bedrom. Could it b God doesnt want you to have somethings, i think of a marriage where theres anger and strife why would God reward you when you sin against your mate.

  • Life is good but this is not heaven God gave us sex for a purpose. Lust is the opposite of that, it means stealing whats not yours. Look God is more than fair. Its more special when its nit common, but God allows married ppl to, God didnt create sex and then say in the garden you must not eat. He said you can eat all you want just not in the wrong way. sweets are like that bc too much sweets are unhealthy dont provide any real nuitrion and will give you diabetes. Gods food fulfills and wont kill you. We are not equip to handle heaven now..we are selfish we are here to give not take.

  • Great parallel. I particularly loved your third point: “it’s an opportunity for them to really pay attention to the other’s desires”. Wow. A healthy view on this topic not only helps us personally, but begins to radically affect those around us, including those we love. It helps us move from “Sweet Tooth” to “Home Sweet Home”.

  • The parallel is so true. We have to rid ourselves of those things that can easily entangle us. ie: pornography masturbation and lust fantasy. However it is pointless to do this if we still have access to those things that ensnare us. Its time to clear out the lolly jar.

By Josh Glaser

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